Friday, November 03, 2006

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi would bring to the office a level of left-wing liberalism that will be unprecedented... (updated)

Soon to be your next Speaker of the House... The Washington TImes takes a look at Pelosi's voting record
... In the National Journal's 2005 ideological ratings, which were based on scores of votes, Mrs. Pelosi was ranked more liberal than 91 percent of her House colleagues on economic issues, 96 percent on social matters and 82 percent on foreign-policy issues. Here are her relative rankings (economic, social, foreign) for 2004 (93, 88, 81), 2003 (92, 89, 70), 2002 (88, 84, 90) and 2001 (94, 83, 93).

Until she received a 95 percent liberal rating in 2005 from the Americans for Democratic Action (the nation's pre-eminent liberal organization), Mrs. Pelosi had racked up five consecutive years (2000-04) of 100 percent ratings. Her lifetime ADA rating is 96 percent. Last year, the American Conservative Union gave her a 0 rating. Her lifetime ACU rating is 3 percent. ...

There is a difference: the Republicans are disappointing and the Democrats are dangerous.

Update: From the Patriot Post...
“The gavel of the speaker of the House is in the hands of special interests, and now it will be in the hands of America’s children,” said would-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently. “I don’t mean to imply my male colleagues will have any less integrity... but I don’t know that a man can say that as easily as a woman can.”

There you have it—the Democrats’ “New Direction for America” from the woman who would soon be third in line to the American presidency. This makes us wonder, of course: Did Ms. Pelosi simply botch some sort of joke, or did she really mean that a Democrat-led 110th Congress will be a Congress in the hands of children? If so, doesn’t she owe America’s adults an apology?

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