Monday, October 30, 2006

The children... listen to the children...

AllahPundit has the comment on the absolute moral authority of the chiiildren:
Slowly but surely, they’re working their way towards finding The Perfect Victim. They’re probably doing casting calls right now for black female children with Parkinson’s.
From the Courage Campaign:
The children of California demand that George Bush and his agenda get out of California. Vote No on Propositions 85 & 90!

Don't you feel awful... you conservative hate-mongers!!!

Great summary from WuzzaDem:
Whether it's politics, religion, or beauty pageants, is there anything sleazier than coercing young children into delivering messages they don't yet understand, nor should be expected to understand? Messages about war, stem cell research, and parental notification?

The Indoctrination of American Youth, Mind and Body...

Making this ad even more distasteful: Proposition 85, one of the propositions this ad opposes, seeks to overturn current California law that allows girls as young as 12 to have an abortion without notifying their parents.

(Proposition 90, contrary to what the boy above implies, limits the state's "land-grabbing" authority, i.e., government seizure of private property for private use).

Is there anything more cowardly than letting kids do your dirty work?


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