Saturday, October 28, 2006

'[A] surpassingly delectable trifle of idiocy'...

Nathanael BlakeI'm not sure why dumped Nathanael when they overhauled their site, but he's turned up at Human Events and is always worth a read.

On Britain's food police...
... The left has persuaded itself that licentiousness is natural and health—all the negative results, such as abortion, STDs, and increasingly transient relationships, are merely incidental nuisances that shall be overcome by better condoms, chemicals, and social services.

However, the left doesn’t approach fatty foods with the same cavalier attitude. An addendum to the old definition of a liberal is needed; formerly, a liberal was someone who thought it perfectly acceptable for an 18-year-old to have sex on stage provided she was paid minimum wage for it. But liberals today aren’t so libertine—they’re going to make sure she doesn’t smoke a cigarette or go to McDonalds afterward. ...

... Thus, in the liberal mind, there the politics of sexual liberation don’t conflict with those of mealtime regimentation. Personal liberty generally submits to “the greater good,” which is defined by liberals, of course. But sex is too close to the liberal identity to be subordinated, and so even the hint of moral disapprobation, let along government regulation, is bitterly denounced.

Meanwhile, the conservative view is that children shouldn’t be engaging in the act that produces children. Rather, let them eat cake.
Nice work Nathanael!


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