Sunday, October 29, 2006

Greg Tinti hits the big time...

... over at Human Events with The Media's Double Standard on Race
... On Thursday, the New York Times clearly struggled to explain why some found the ad racist in a news story by vaguely saying that, “Critics asserted that the advertisement was a clear effort to play to racial stereotypes and fears.” The Times went on to paraphrase the director of the Washington bureau of the NAACP, as saying that the ad “took aim at the sensitivities many Americans still have about interracial dating.”

Then, in an editorial on Friday, the Times took another stab at explaining how that ad was racist by saying that it was “transparently honed as a racist appeal to Tennessee voters” and that it resonated “with the miscegenation taboos of Old South politics.”

Still, despite the big words, this is not an explanation of how the ad is racist but rather a condemnation of the people of Tennessee as racists. In the mind of the media elite, the thought of showing a white woman asking a black man to call her will cause the bigots of Tennessee who hate black people to think again about voting for a black person. Makes sense, right?

Regardless, after nearly a week of the mainstream media’s crying racism, Ford himself made clear on Fox News Sunday that he didn’t think there was a racist appeal to the ad. Instead, he merely said, and I agree, that the ad was “smutty” and inappropriate. ...

... Thus, once again, it became very clear last week that the mainstream media are more than happy to trump up charges of racism, even conjure them up out of thin air, so long as it’s a help to their Democratic friends. But worse, much worse, we also saw that the mainstream media will ignore real racism against Republicans for the same cause. And yet, members of the mainstream media have the chutzpah to wonder why people are going elsewhere to get their news.
Greg hosts The Political Pit Bull, a personal favorite.

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