Friday, October 27, 2006

What you're not hearing about Iraq this election year... (updated)

Stories from Iraq that the Old Media isn't showing you...
courtesy of the amazing Glenn Beck:
Last night on TV we ran a new video essay called "The Real Story: Iraq" and we've now made it available for free on our website. The video shows the other side of the war in Iraq: the pictures you've never seen before and the amazing accomplishments you've never heard about before.

We're trying to share this side of the story with as many people as possible, so please help us by sending this email around to everyone you know who is tired of the constant news about violence, death tolls and insurgents.

You'll hear plenty about this though!

Update: John Hawkins:
... Long story short, we've spent so much of our blood and treasure in Iraq since 2003 not just because it's a noble undertaking, but because the success of democracy in that country is vitally important to the United States, the Iraqi people, and the whole Middle East. However, in the end, we can give them advice, we can wish them success, and we can even give them a helping hand here or there, but, whether democracy succeeds in Iraq over the long haul is going to be up to the Iraqi people, not the United States.

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