Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Couric-Vieira downgrade is kicking in...

Taxonomy: 'Vieira'Mark Finkelstein and the gang at NewsBusters have Meredith Vieira covered:
Vieira surely knows she is under the microscope for signs of liberal bias. She obviously doesn't care. Beyond her implied endorsement of Chavez' message, she conducted a fawning interview of Clinton that was embarrassing in its unctuousness:

  • Speaking of his Clinton Global Initiative, she claimed "everyone is calling you a genie" for his ability to accomplish good things.
  • When asked to speculate as to Bin Laden's whereabouts, Clinton said he had no [military] intelligence. Vieira jumped to correct the record: "You have lots of intelligence!"
  • She reminded him that while he was in office, "you were very popular." True. Well, other than that impeachment thing. And never winning a majority of the, ahem, popular vote. And unpopularity so great it led to the historic GOP tidal wave of 1994.
  • And how's this for a hard-hitting question, referring to a New York Times article about his marriage: "Do you think that's fair?"
  • Taxonomy: 'Vieira'...and interviewing Bill Clinton, she said:
    "Now, it's easy to dismiss somebody like Chavez -- and some have -- as a nut. But do you think he is giving voice to wider frustration in the developing world about this country and this country's policies? Do we need to change the way we act?"
    Missing Katie?

    AllahPundit has more.

    Update: Since we're on the topic of vapid TV hosts, Vieira's old cohorts and Rosie at The View are spiraling out of control!!! They're not helping... really. Who watches this crap!!!

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