Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Bolton nomination is on the ropes... (updated)

Blog for Bolton!WASHINGTON:
John Bolton - US President George W. Bush's controversial ambassador to the UN - is in increasing danger of losing his job next January after renewed opposition to his appointment in the US Senate.

Mr Bush's nomination of Mr Bolton to the UN met such opposition on Capitol Hill last year that he was forced to install the outspoken conservative in the post by means of a recess appointment, when Congress was not in session.

That appointment in August 2005 limited Mr Bolton's tenure to the duration of the current Congress, which concludes on January 3, 2007, unless the Senate formally confirms him before then.

The White House had hoped to get Mr Bolton confirmed this month, but Senate approval is looking increasingly unlikely.
Please show your support for Ambassador Bolton. We need John Bolton at the UN, although it's not looking good.

Oh, and Lincoln Chafee can bite me.

Update: Et Tu Chafee? The Choice Is Clear: Kofi Or Bolton!

Click here for more info on how to help. will send out faxes on your behalf!

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