Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hugo unhinged at the UN...

Straight-talkin': Bush is "the Devil", and acts like "he owns the world".

Stick with AP for the story... video soon.

For now, from CNSNews:
The United Nations building still stinks of sulphur, after the "devil" - President George W. Bush - addressed the General Assembly, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told the world on Wednesday.

Chavez' speech to the General Assembly - a personal attack on President Bush -- was greeted with sustained applause from the United Nations' member states.

Chavez, after calling Bush a devil, said he thinks Bush needs a psychiatrist.

The Bush-hatred spewing from Chavez sounded familiar, given the fact that some Americans espouse the same beliefs, as their free-speech rights entitle them to do.

Personal attacks on Bush are daily fare on various liberal blogs and Air America talk radio, where Bush is routinely blasted as stupid, incompetent, power-hungry, crazy, and extremist.

Chavez accused Bush the "dictator" of trying to consolidate his grip on world domination. He said Bush wants to impose "the false democracy of elites" on the world. And he accused Bush of racism, saying that he paints people of color -- such as the new Bolivian president - as extremists.

The imperialists see extremists everywhere, Chavez said. "It's not that we are extremists," he added - it's that the world is "waking up - and rising up against the empire, against the model of domination."

Chavez made it clear that he was talking about Bush the "imperialist," not the American people.

As Cybercast News Service has previously reported, Chavez - who is friendly with some of America's worst foes (Iran, North Korea and Cuba) - is lobbying for a seat on the U.N. Security Council.
Yankee Imperialists! Our U.S. Empire Will Soon Fall.

FoxNews video.

All praise to AllahPundit for this...

Plus, Bill Clinton reacts... carefully: "I wish he (Chavez) hadn't done it". Powerful! (not)

Update: Hugo in Harlem!

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