Thursday, September 21, 2006

Once again... convert to Islam or die.

THE PROBLEM WITH ISLAM And what Americans need to do about itFrom Brent Bozell...Islam certainly is "special":
There are moments where it becomes painfully apparent that the media elites think that the only thing redeeming about Western culture is its ability to regret its existence. Their dream president is a lip-biting man from Arkansas, traveling the globe apologizing for every historic fault, real or imagined, America has ever committed.

This was exactly their mentality with Pope Benedict XVI over his remarks at the University of Regensburg. One wonders if any of his critics had bothered to read his address, the theme of which was the inseparability of faith and reason. ...

... As I file this piece, I've read that a Palestinian cleric in Gaza, Dr. Imad Hamto, has declared "Aslim Taslam" on Pope Benedict XVI. It is a phrase taken from the letters of the prophet Muhammad to rival tribal chiefs - urging them to convert to Islam to spare their lives.
The religion of rage vs. our culture of self-loathing. (or is that Bush-loathing)

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