Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What course will YOU take?

Al-Qaida warns Muslims: Time to get out of U.S.The unstoppable Texas Fred is asking a question:
I want to ask ALL of you folks something, something very important, and I hope to get some really honest answers…

How long do WE, the law abiding Christian AMERICAN people sit back and take these threats before WE take action and throw the Muslims moonbats OUT of the U.S.A.?? Anyone have the balls to answer that??

How about right after the NEXT 9-11 style attack?? Will that be soon enough, too soon??

What about after another 3,000 or more INNOCENT Americans are dead?? Ya think that might be a good time to wake up and remove the threat to OUR nation?? By any means necessary??

How many MORE of our citizens have to die in another attack by Islamic Radicals before WE declare WAR on ALL of Islam?? When do the American people ‘GROW A SET’ and stand up to this madness and put an end to it??

What part of ‘We have been attacked’ does our own government not get here?? At what point does the government say “ENOUGH“, and makes the drastic, and yes, HARSH moves required to protect this nation??

If it happens at all I am willing to bet it won’t be until AFTER the election cycle, and even then I would take bets on there being NOTHING done because our own government is afraid to stand and fight the fight, they want to address the radical murderers of Islam with diplomacy and PCness because approximately 50% of Americans are nothing more than GUTLESS appeasers and cowards…

I’m getting really tired of ‘gutless’ and PCness, Americans can either STAND and fight for America and OUR way of life or you can ‘roll over’ for Islam, and I will NOT ‘roll over’…

What course will YOU take??

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