Friday, August 04, 2006

What's beyond "gay marriage"?

Beyond Gay MarriageApparently... this:
For years, critics of the idea of same-sex “marriage” have made the point that accepting the proposition that two persons of the same sex can marry each other entails abandoning any principled basis for understanding marriage as the union of two and only two persons. So far as I am aware, our opponents have made no serious effort to answer or rebut this point. Their strategy has been to dismiss it as a mere slippery-slope argument (although the truth is that it is a more fundamental type of argument than that) and to accuse us of engaging in “scare tactics.” Some have even denounced us as “bigots” for suggesting that same-sex relations are on a par with polygamy and “polyamory” - the union of three or more persons in a sexual partnership.

That was then; this is now.
The rest... here.

Stanley Kurtz has been all over this, with "Beyond Gay Marriage", "Here Come the Brides", and "Polygamy Versus Democracy".

(hat tip Jonathan Last at The Weekly Standard)

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