Thursday, August 03, 2006

Spiritual Religion is Essential to Freedom...

By Tom Brewton, courtesy of The American Daily:
Liberals are not really pushing for separation of church and state; there has never been an established spiritual religion. Their goal is no less than to destroy spiritual religion and to impose socialism as the secular state religion under the banner of social justice. They call it scientific progress, the same terminology employed in the French Revolution’s bloody Reign of Terror and in Adolph Hitler’s Holocaust.

Survival of our formerly inalienable individual liberties is now purely a matter of chance, of public-opinion-of-the-moment. That’s why liberal intellectuals place such a high value on “evolving” public opinion, as a sort of Darwinian creation of successive new species of acceptable government powers. If the public can stomach it, the government can do it, no matter what the Constitution actually says.

Under our present-day secularity and moral relativism, there can be no such thing as inalienable individual liberties of the kind intended when the Bill of Rights was written. Liberal secularism contends that the Federal government has no limits on the powers it may assert or the areas of individual life that it can bring within the ambit of its regulation. All three branches of the Federal government have long since discarded the original Constitutional limit on arbitrary government power that was based on natural law and individual morality.

That’s what the New York Times calls “mainstream” thinking. Like a river, it has no permanence and can spill over its former boundaries, drowning formerly secure places. ...
Great commentary. I started to highlight the good parts, but that would almost be the entire article. The rest... here.



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