Monday, July 31, 2006

The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are incredulous about raising the minimum wage...

Is Minimum Wage Bad Policy?... courtesy of the always-outstanding - Mr. Mac Johnson:
... "Some people must live in a fantasy world," commented the Easter Bunny, visiting the Tooth Fairy at his Provincetown home. "I had hoped that the rise of a Republican Congress would put an end to such nonsense and that they would use their position of newfound power to begin to undo the harmful and counterproductive belief that jobs and wages are somehow a creation of an all-knowing central government, beneficently wielding God-like power over the economy." Continuing, "But instead, they’ve turned out to be the biggest bunch of pantywaisted pansies—no offense T.F.—who seem to have nothing more to offer than water-downed versions of the same proposals they once claimed to find irrational back when Jim Wright and Tom Foley were in charge."

"Oh, I know!" responded the Tooth Fairy. "And their pusillanimous compromises just perpetuate the same old philosophical pathologies that people tried to vote out of office way back during The Republican Revolution of 1994." "More spinach dip, Bunny?"...
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