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Rush: Drive-By Media, Worldwide Left Displays Disproportionate and Collective Stupidity

Drive-By Media, Worldwide Left Displays Disproportionate and Collective StupidityRush Limbaugh was on the mark today discussing the feckless U.N. and its untouchable leader Kofi Annan.
What is desired is the annihilation of Israel.

Resolution 1559? I talked about it yesterday. That UN Security Council resolution, for all the good that body is worth, was designed and written and commanded Hezbollah to disband, to get out of southern Lebanon, in exchange for Israel getting out, and of course Israel got out, and they got out of Gaza, the idea being that there would be peace. Israel keeps expressing the desire for peace. They keep going along with all this and they always get backstabbed and they know they're going to get backstabbed, and what Tyrrell wrote here is exactly correct. Israel gets out of the area of Gaza and the areas where Hezbollah is, and Hezbollah comes after them and is launching missiles now!

And somehow we have people in this country who talk about the collective punishment of the Lebanese and Palestinian people. Well, let's blame who's really responsible. Who is putting innocent civilians in harm's way? It's not Israel. It's Hezbollah. I told you yesterday: Hezbollah is not allowing civilians in its land, in its area of southern Lebanon, to leave. They are launching these missiles at Israel from civilian homes. They are doing this on purpose, precisely to generate this kind of idiotic, uninformed response about collective punishment and a "disproportionate" Israeli reply or answer or retaliation, and the same thing goes for Hamas.

"I think the most effective anti-missile shield
is located in the UN building.
If our defense system could deflect attacks
as easily as the UN can, we wouldn't even
need an SDI. Have you ever heard the oil-for-food
program called an example of a
culture of corruption?"

These are the people that put bombs on their own kids, for crying out loud! These are the people that strap bombs on their own kids and send them out to blow themselves up hoping to take out some Israelis at the same time, and somehow we keep hearing about a "disproportionate response," and we keep hearing about "a collective punishment." Some people in this country still cannot see it -- and I know why it is. There's just a genuine dislike on some people's part, a genuine hatred on many people's part, for Israel, for a host of reasons, all of which you could figure out and I don't have to mention here.

One of them is, though, that it's considered to be a powerful nation, and all these surrounding little Arab regimes and terrorist regimes are the victims, "and it's just not fair that Israel can respond with such force, and this is a fair. It's disproportionate. It's not proportionate. Israel should response with proportionality." It's absolutely asinine. All of this is asinine! I'll tell you what about Kofi Annan and the United Nations. You know, we hear about SDI, the Strategic Defense Initiative. I think the most effective anti-missile shield is located in the UN building. You talk about an SDI?

"Why is the UN so critical of Israel here?
Because it did such a great job in Rwanda?
Because it did such a great job in Iraq for 14 years?
Because it's doing a good job in the Sudan?
Because it did such good job in Kosovo and the Congo?"

If our defense system could deflect attacks as easily as the UN can, we wouldn't even need an SDI. Have you ever heard, for example, Kofi Annan called "a dim bulb"? Which he is. Have you ever heard the oil-for-food program called "a culture of corruption"? No, you hear George Bush called a dim bulb, and you hear Republicans labeled as being members of the culture of corruption, but you don't hear it about the UN, which defines corruption and something lives off of it: oil-for-food, sex scandal in his Africa among the blue helmet so-called peacekeepers. You ever hear the phrase "bad plan," a bad plan from the UN?

You ever hear it? No! You hear that about Bush and Iraq, but you never hear it about the United Nations in Rwandaaaaa, or Lebanon. You ever hear of investigating the reporting in the Congo or the UN rape-for-food? You ever hear anything about this? You hear any criticism? How does the UN do it?? How does our media let them do it? Come on, just for once, repeat after me: "Kofi Annan is a frat boy. Kofi Annan is a dim bulb. Kofi Annan lied to the people. Kofi Annan represents Big Islam. Kofi Annan!" Every attack line that you've heard leveled at Bush would be justifiably aimed and correctly stated about Kofi Annan and the United Nations. It is an organization of supreme failure; it is an organization which can't back up even the extensible good things that it seeks to do.

"Let's cut to the chase, shall we?
Let's just strip away all the PC and all the barriers:
the United Nations today
is the modern repository of anti-Semitism.
The majority of the members of the UN hate Jews;
they want their country annihilated."

Yet it is above criticism! I know why. Because it's a bunch of libs! It's a bunch of socialist libs and dictator tyrants made up of a bunch of small-minded, small-powered little nations against the big, bad United States and its evil, evil ally, Israel -- and so they are excused for all of their scandals and their corruptions and their bad plans and their idiotic statements, "Because they're just trying to do the good thing, Rush. We're not really supposed to analyze the results of the UN. We're supposed to examine their good attentions, like they want to ceasefire, ceasefire, back off and so forth." Well, they've never succeeded in getting one. Nothing they've ever done in this region has had any impact at all these been meaningful, and why everybody wants to continue to rely on them is beyond me, but I know it anyway.
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