Thursday, July 20, 2006

Relativists look backwards, and consider fairness for Evil...

An armed Palestinian woman from the Popular Resistance Committees movement... as if Israel not existing is the answer.

Great point by O'Reilly last night:
... From his perch safe in Los Angeles, this educated man believes that the Hezbollah terrorists have a perfect right to do whatever they want, because Israel violently carved out a homeland after World War II.

Now that kind of thinking is at the root of the terror war. Israel is bad and so is America for supporting Israel. Any and all violence against Americans and Jews is permitted.

To win any war, you have to understand the nature of the enemy. Has Israel made mistakes? Of course. Has America done bad things? Surely, we have.

But in July of 2006, here is the simple and true fact: Tomorrow, if the terrorists stop killing and lay down their arms, the violence in the Middle East and in Iraq, for that matter, will stop. Tomorrow, if Israel throws all of its weapons into the Mediterranean Sea, there will be another Holocaust. Are you getting that, Professor Makdisi? Wise up.
Israel exists. Get over it. The "little guy" isn't always the "good guy". Hezbollah and Iran want to kill you, and they are creating a great opportunity for the good people of the world to unite and destroy them. Please let's don't pretend that appeasement is the answer!

Nothing short of civilization is at stake.

Bolton with an outstanding interview on H&C too: "Hezbollah is a cancer within Lebannon".
HANNITY: Is the world at war with Islamic facism?

BOLTON: Well, I think the Islamic facists are at war with us. We have no interest in changing the way they live in their particular countries, to follow their own beliefs. But it’s their aggressive use of terror and force almost exclusively against civilians which brought them into conflict with us.
Hat tip to Greg Tinti, who has the video... here.

John Bolton for President.


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