Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bush vetoes federal funding of "ghoulish experimentation on unborn human children"...

Joseph Farah believes he knows right from wrong:
Imposition of moral values is a two-way street. The only question is whether good values or bad values will prevail. The only question is whether we walk in the light or darkness. The only question is whether we speak the truth or accept a lie.
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Mort Snerd is amazed at the number of things that liberals want to save... all but the thing that should matter the most:
For all the talk about saving everything and making sure every living thing has rights and protection, thinking of the future for our children and their children's children, we have decided that the only thing in this world that has no rights and is entirely expendable is the unborn child. The very seed of our existence, joy of our lives and hope for our future is a "lifeless glob of cells."
So much for the liberal agenda!
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It may be a major setback politically speaking, but Bush made a strong stand based on his principals... that human life begins at conception, and that the government shouldn't be funding experimentation on human embryos. Capitalism will take care of it better anyway!

Science serves humanity, not vice-versa.


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