Monday, July 24, 2006

Top Seven Myths of Homosexuality...

Nathan from Church and State:

Myth # 1: Ten Percent of the Population is Homosexual.
Myth # 2: Homosexuals are Born Gay.
Myth # 3: Homosexual Relationships are No Different than heterosexual Ones.
Myth # 4: AIDS is as Much of a Risk for Heterosexuals as it is for Homosexuals.
Myth # 5: Homosexuals are Normal, Healthy, Everyday People.
Myth # 6: The Bible doesn't Condemn Homosexuality - Only Promiscuity.
Myth # 7: Homosexuality is Unchangeable.

Read all the thoughtful details... here.
In conclusion, Jeffrey Satinover says in his book, "Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth": "To the extent that homosexuals have been victimized, we can only reach out in compassion for the suffering, struggling soul. How can our hearts not go out to the young, prehomosexual boy or girl who is already shy, lonely, sensitive, and who surely suffers taunting rejection and maybe even beatings by the very peers he or she envies and most longs to be with? Just how different is 'the homosexual' from ourselves? We so easily see--and then look down on--the self-protective maneuvering in others, which is far less painful than to admit it in ourselves."

"But the organized, political side of the picture is entirely different. Here we too often see on violent display the brute aspect of human nature in all its crudity, stupidity, vanity, selfishness, disregard for others, and disregard for the truth. Like so many of its predecessors, too often gay activism follows the dictum that desired ends justify all means."

"Here then is the conundrum we face now that gay activism has burst onto the national scene. On the one hand we must decide how best to counter the tactic of intimidation and refute the false claims of a group that operates in the hostile mode of raw, power politics. On the other hand we must retain the profound compassion of the fellow-feeling toward individual homosexuals that we ourselves need and yearn for from others. We must respect as fellows the very individuals whom we may reject as claimants in the public square."

Mr. Satinover sums my feelings up very well. There is a delicate balance for Christians in this issue. We must work together to display love and acceptance, but not accepting the sin.


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