Saturday, January 26, 2008

A 27% swing in the polls that the media is completely silent on...

WND - New polls shake up 2008 raceMelanie Morgan talks about an important and huge swing in the polls:
... If this were a perfect world, 53-year-old Debbie Lee of Surprise, Ariz., would be able to stand before a bank of microphones under the klieg lights of a national televised debate by all the leading Democratic candidates.

The mother of fallen soldier Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy seal who was killed fighting the terrorists in Fallujah over a year ago, would have the opportunity to speak to Sens. Obama, Clinton, Edwards and yes, even the mental midget Dennis Kucinich.

"I have just returned from Iraq after spending two weeks in the war zone. I have seen myself where my son died and the stunning changes that have resulted in Iraqis who are now reporting insurgent activities, stopping the maiming and killing of innocent civilians and American troops.

"Please tell me why you won't acknowledge that my son's spilled blood has made a difference in securing our country?"

I think that we all know the answer to that question.

Democratic presidential candidates realize that if they congratulate our troops for their successful efforts in Iraq, the virulent, hate-filled ranks of their liberal, blame-America-first base will revolt against them.

And at the end of the day, politics and power are far more important to the Democratic nominees for president than is the blood of our soldiers in the name of freedom and security for all Americans.

Is this the hollow platform upon which the leaders of the Democrat party really wish to stand?
Apparently, yes.

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