Monday, November 19, 2007

Considering Duncan Hunter...

Jay from STACLU wonders Why No Push For Duncan Hunter?: (Rush too)
[T]he point I’m trying to get at is the unfair treatment by the MSM towards Duncan Hunter. I’ve also been curious as to why so many conservatives are backing liberals like Rudy Giulliani and questionable characters like Mitt Romney. Why is so little attention being paid towards a solid conservative like Duncan Hunter?
I agree.

Here is where he stands. Please consider Duncan Hunter for President.

(Video to the right is Hunter's appeal to conservatives)

Update: Here is a strong endorsement of Hunter from Mark Alexander at the Patriot Post:
The consensus among the chattering class is that this presidential cycle features no clear heir to the Reagan mantle. Yet of the declared candidates, conservatives outnumber the media-dubbed triumvirate of Giuliani, McCain and Romney. Most notable among them is Duncan Hunter, the California representative who hails from The Gipper's lucky city of San Diego.


Every characteristic touted as a distinguisher for another candidate is one Hunter also demonstrates. He combines the military service and acumen of McCain with the border-security stances of Tom Tancredo, he's been a consistent defender of human life and traditional families in law and he has a firm grasp of the principles of constitutional law. He has as much or more experience as a legislator than most of his primary contenders.

A true Patriot, Hunter proclaims, "America is a great nation because America is a good nation. God still loves this nation. We are still a people of character and strength and kindness. And so with faith in God, with confidence in the goodness of the American people, let's win this race for the United States presidency."
Read about all of the Presidential candidates at the Patriot Post.

Ann Coulter on Hunter:

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