Thursday, November 08, 2007

On boys being boys...

Click to buy!Ross Mackenzie writes Rallying Boys to a 'Dangerous' Standard of Normalcy:
... Feminists who would condition us all may argue that boys are doing no worse than before — it only seems that way because girls, liberated at last, are doing better; the real crisis facing boys, they say, is that they’re not enough like girls. Yet something is rendering boys enervated and effete; something is sapping their energy. Midge Decter notes a “shying away from their instinctive restlessness and competitiveness, and, with it, a fading of whatever happened to be the standards of gallantry.”

Maybe it’s the feminist revolution. Maybe it’s divorce and single(-mother) families. Maybe it’s our Spockian mores of child-rearing. Maybe it’s an outgrowth of the relativism that no longer finds innate goodness in America — and so worth defending, and its enemies worth fighting — and likewise no longer recognizes, or values, the goodness inhering in boys.
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I haven't read anything from Mackenzie before, but I'm glad to have found him. Click here for Mackenzie's column archives at Click the picture above to order the book.

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