Sunday, September 30, 2007

For liberals, truth can never be known and all focus must be given to the unknowable...

Kevin McCullough - Why Liberals Make Atrocious ParentsKevin McCullough pulls back the curtain on liberalism again in his latest:
... John Edwards, though he represents the thinking of liberal mentality across the board, could not be more mistaken.

True nobody made him 'God' (and we all breathe easier for that.) But God did very much make him, and more importantly He made him a representative to his children, to teach, to instruct, to guide, and to help grow his children into fully functional and thoughtful adults who will then be able to do the same for their children in the days to come.

To not exercise the responsibility of teaching his children, or even more dangerously in Barack Obama's case of willfully teaching his children behavior and immoral justification, liberals are at best proving that they do not have the critical discernment needed to recognize the difference between right and wrong. At worst they are demonstrating negligent or intentional contempt for their children and society. And if they are that confused about something so basic as instructing their children, how will THEY be equipped when weighing the balance of good and evil in the world and nation they hope to lead?

In exposing their thinking on something so simple to us they confirmed that I would never trust them to baby-sit my own child, therefore how on earth can they be given oversight of the free world?

On the subject of families, Brent Bozell writes on hollywood latest attack on our culture on the frustrated family hour.

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