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Dan Abrams: 'CNN should have called it what it was, a defense of Islamic fundamentalism and the worst type of moral relativism.'

MSNBC's Dan Abrams Slams CNN's Holy WarThe video to the right (click it to watch) speaks to the title, but consider this a small round-up on CNN's three-part miniseries "God's Warriors" hosted by Christiane Amanpour.

Starting with Camera:
God's Jewish Warriors — CNN's Abomination

God's Muslim Warriors — CNN's Double Standard

God's Christian Warriors — CNN Slurs Christians

Video of the three shows are up on YouTube. There are a numerous clips, so it's best to search for them by specific show. Here's the first set on God's jewish Warriors. Here's the second set on God's Muslim Warriors. Here's the third set on God's Christian Warriors.

I liked Jaibones' comment on Allah's post at HotAir.com:
If any part of Christiane Amanpour’s piece were accurate and objectively representative of the truth, then her bruised and bloated body would have been found in a dusty, filthy alleyway, headless, and her hooded head would be found a mile away on a pike.

Muslims = terrorists and murderers, thousands of examples, sickening even to read about. Theocrats with religious imperial dreams of a worldwide caliphate.

Christians = peaceniks with an ancient and checkered history of governmental excesses, and a present day reality of universally positive outreach to poor people in communities all over the world. Some hilarious and widely reported incidents of sexual hypocrisy and abuse.

Jews = a small tribe of ancient peoples with roots in the cradle of civilization near Jerusalem and an astonishing history of persecution, the forefathers of the Christian religion, and a present day that is largely secular and wildly diverse, but also religious and sometimes orthodox faith, hunkered down in a UN-created nation surrounded by Koranimals. They are supported militarily by the hyperpower U.S., and willing to defend themselves to the death.

Here's the official site for the series.

CNN Presents - God's Warriors

Robert Knight has a nice piece up at Townhall.com called CNN’s God’s Christian Warriors Leaves Viewers… Scared:
One of these days, CNN will have to dispense with the ominous music it uses for Christian documentaries and go for the full effect, using the Jaws soundtrack.

Last night, in the third segment of a six-hour series called God’s Warriors, CNN served up a two-hour, heady brew of fear, distortion and manipulative media techniques to paint a scary picture of conservative Christians in America.


If all this comes to pass, the public schools might have to start admitting that they break for “Christmas” in December, and stop teaching kids that promiscuous sex is inevitable and as wholesome for them as Cheerios.

Amanpour devotes much of the program to grassroots Christian political activism, leaving the impression that conservative Christianity is all about politics. In fact, politics is a side issue to most Christian believers. At one point, she opines: “God’s Christian warriors know where they want the country to go. And they’re not going to stop fighting until their battle is won.”

The takeaway message? Secular-minded Americans, you had better do something, because these Christian warriors are power-hungry and coming for your freedoms.

Not surprisingly, NewsBusters has been all over it. Here are some of their posts to check out:

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CNN’s Upcoming Miniseries Equates Christian Activists With Taliban?, by Matthew Balan

For Upcoming Special, CNN Equated Suicide Bombing 'Martyrs' with Christian Youth Group, by Lynn Davidson

CNN Presents - God's WarriorsAnd here's a finishing quote from Amanpour herself back in June:
You know, it's really nice, but I really strongly feel -- and I feel more and more -- that our job is simply to stick to the basics of what this profession is about. It's about reporting without fear nor favor. It's about recognizing the serious in this world and going out and telling the stories, giving a voice to those who don't have a voice, and just simply trying to tell the truth, because our viewers really want it, they really deserve it. And, you know, whether it's against dictators, or whether it's in elected governments, we must always remember that our job is not to be part of the propaganda campaign, but to report without fear nor favor, because if we don't, we can get really into a big disaster. And I, as you know, feel very strongly that that's what happened in the lead-up to the Iraq war.

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