Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Noel Sheppard: Bill Moyers makes me sick... (updated) - Is this the kind of biased reporting our tax dollars should be paying for?

Bill Moyers Claims: Rove Turned Religion Into a Weapon of Political CombatI agree Noel:
How utterly disgraceful. Yet, maybe more sick-making is the number of Americans that applaud such vitriol aimed at their fellow citizens.

Forgive me, but I need to go hug my children, and remind myself that not everybody in this country supports this kind of anti-American propaganda.
From the comments of Noel's post:
Working for Lyndon Johnson way back when Moyers midwived the birth of the attack ad and divisive politics in 1964 campaign against Barry Goldwater. Now Moyers has lived long enough and spouted enough liberal pieties and bristled with sufficient self righteous indignation that he's an icon to the lefties, absolutely peerless and incorruptible in their eyes. I suppose one has to admit that is some kind of triumph, to have outlived one's own stink.
Update: Moyers gets spanked by his own ombudsman:
You know it's bad when your own ombudsman compares you to Richard Nixon, or suggests that you need an ombudsman devoted only to you. But that's exactly what PBS Ombud Michael Getler has been pushed to with the latest Bill Moyers "editorial"

The PBS Ombudsman Column talks about The Gift That Keeps on Giving. Rove on Wallace:
"If someone says he is a believer, why is that not accepted? He (Moyers) has decided he will be the judge and the jury about whether I'm a believer. He attributes this to unknown parties and then defends it in a letter to Chris Wallace, with no personal interface with me at all. How does the San Antonio Express know? They don't. They don't know me well. He (Moyers) then relies on a blogger who says 'I could be wrong here.' Well, he is wrong."
And here's video of Wallace on Moyers on Rove from this morning (8/26):

And there's more from Noel... Is this the kind of biased reporting our tax dollars should be paying for?:
Has Bill Moyers become PBS's Jack Cafferty, Bill Maher, Rosie O'Donnell, and Keith Olbermann all rolled into one crusading, Bush-hating, anti-war propagandist funded by American tax dollars?

After all, on Friday, he followed up last week's disgraceful rant about Karl Rove with an eight-minute segment on how "The Bush White House has launched a massive new P.R. campaign with the message: the surge in Iraq is working. Let's stay the course!"

In it, Moyers offered not one shred of balance to this completely anti-war report by totally ignoring recent statements from liberal think tank members, leading Democrats, and military officials indicating that conditions in Iraq are indeed improving.

Instead, Moyers disgracefully suggested that the White House is misleading Americans about the surge in much the same way it did weapons of mass destruction; mocked military recruiting ads and techniques, and; cited a British newspaper claiming our army is crippled by fatigue. A full transcript of this abomination follows with video available here for those that can stomach it:
Click here for the rest of Noel's post.

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