Monday, August 13, 2007

Doug Giles and Robert Spencer on Spencer's latest book: Religion of Peace: Why Christianity is and Islam Isn’t...

New Vent: Michelle interviews Robert Spencer about Religion of Peace: Why Christianity is and Islam Isn’tDoug Giles always has his own brilliant twist to add, and it's usually not subtle.

His latest column titled Christianity Sucks and Islam is Awesome? is no exception, and it pairs up perfectly with Michelle Malkin's latest Vent - an interview with Robert Spencer about his latest (7th) book.

Click the image or the link above for Michelle's interview with Spencer over at HotAir.

Here's the closing thrust from Doug Giles' column:
Giles: Christianity Sucks and Islam is Awesome?Listen, 21st century truth reconstructors . . . you’ve gotta relax. Please do us all a favor and go get healed from your bad Sunday school experience and lay down your church grinding axe. Thinking people aren’t buying the “Christianity = Islam” smack.

Get real, Goofy. You and I both know that regardless of what a few loopy CINO’s (Christians in name only) have done via violence in the name of the Father that it is not in the body of Christian doctrine to hack off the noggin of the obstreperous. There’s not even an obscure passage in the Book of Revelation that some demented clod could twist like your Gumby doll to make the Christian scripture green light your demise or anyone else’s. Additionally, Christians aren’t longing for TBN to replace DC as our nation’s headquarters.

So chill, you shrill shredders of Christianity.

On the flip side, it is within the pages of the Koran to convert, conquer or kill non-Islamic people. And I’m a thinkin’ that no matter how much you work to besmirch Christianity and misinform on behalf of militant Islam, that if they had it their way, you, the secularist, would be a deceased grease stain on God’s green earth.

Therefore, gay guy, loosen that neckerchief and relax on the anti-Christian rhetoric, okay? Atheists, dial down and go back to studying monkeys (or whatever you do) and secularists, switch to decaf and exhale because you guys are barking up the wrong tree in trying to paint Christians as a coercive, could-be-violent, cabal like, militant Islam.

Radical Muslims, on the other hand, are the ones you need to sweat—because their book has zero tolerance for the likes of Sully and Jay—or anyone for that matter, who doesn’t lock step. You can bet your backside that if uncut Islam were in charge, Christopher Hitchens would be history, Drew Barrymore would be nevermore and Andrew Sullivan would never be seen again.

The Judeo-Christian worldview (and subsequently, the great western traditions it under girds) is the only powerful cudgel in existence to ward off militant Islam. That’s what makes the Left’s lies about Christ’s Church and the Left’s desires to diminish it so diabolical. If the church’s presence and power gets marginalized via these secularists’s anti-Christian propaganda, then all I’ve got to say is, “I hope everyone is cool with wearing burkhas.”
Check out Spencer at and on HotAir video.

You can find Doug Giles columns here and much more at

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