Sunday, July 01, 2007

A new photo dispatch from Iraq...

Bless the Beasts and ChildrenMichael Yon has a new dispatch waiting, called Bless the Beasts and Children. There are some gruesome details and photos, but please read for yourself.
... Captain Clayton Combs has been fighting hard in Diyala for about ten months, much of it side-by-side with Iraqi soldiers from the 5th Division. Each time I’ve come into contact with the 5th, they seem far better than most. American officers and sergeants who work with the 5th have good things to report about them, saying that although the 5th still has far to go, and cannot sustain itself logistically, it can fight.

Captain Combs said this particular Iraqi unit, the 3-25, has never run away from combat, and never refused to close on the enemy. Combs said, “I’ve fought with 3-25 for 10 months in Diyala and they have always come when I am in trouble. They always go on patrols when I ask. They never back down.” ...
Read the comments too. Michael has a lot of military readers and their comments are always enlightening.

Thank you Michael.

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