Monday, June 04, 2007

A warming planet without SUV's, incandescent bulbs or 'big oil'?

Warming Without SUVs On NeptuneApparently so... on Neptune:
"We're not saying that variations in solar activity account for all of the global rise in temperature that we are experiencing," Soon said in 1997. "But we believe these variations are the major driving force. Heat-trapping gases emitted by smokestacks and vehicles — the so-called greenhouse effect — appear to be secondary."

Yes, theirs is only a theory. But so is the assertion that man is causing the planet to warm. The latter theory just happens to be more widely known, thanks to those who have an irrational, unquestioning faith in it and a self-righteous press eager to ally itself with the environmental movement.

As any Neptunian could tell them, never mistake theory for fact.
Shocker... a hotter-burning sun warms the planets around it.

(hat tip to Bryan at HotAir)


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