Thursday, June 07, 2007

What Amererica is not... (updated)

Americans Right to Set Limits... according to the always-fiesty Mac Johnson in Americans Right to Set Limits:
1) A Universal Civil Right. No one has a right to immigrate to America. There is a substantial segment of the open borders cult (primarily its left wing) that seems to think that America, and the right to come here at will, is some sort of basic human right possessed by all people. Let me assure you that this is not the case. I do not have the right to barge into Mexico without the permission of the Mexicans, nor does any non-citizen have the right to barge into America without the permission of we Americans. There is not a liberal in the world that would feel sorry for me if I were arrested for sneaking into France or Canada in violation of their laws. Likewise, they should not feel sorry for anyone arrested for sneaking into America -- unless they wish to argue that Americans should have fewer rights than other people.

2) An Economic Opportunity Zone For The World. There is another segment of the open borders crowd (assorted nuts, drawn from both wings) that believes that the real purpose of America is to provide economic opportunity for all the world’s poor. The world’s poor are measured in BILLIONS. There is not enough opportunity even in a land as free and productive as America to fill that need. Secondly, America is productive and free because that is ingrained in our culture. If we accept more immigrants than we can realistically transmit that culture of freedom and productivity to, then we will have killed the goose that laid the dollar denominated golden eggs. There will then be neither wealth nor freedom for any of us. There is a reason that much of the world is squalid and oppressed -- it is ingrained in certain cultures. Why would we want to import such cultures faster than we can change them through assimilation?

Michelle Malkin - Kill The Bill...3) A Human Petting Zoo. Some people seem to think that America needs to acquire new people the same way Angelina Jolie acquires new kids -- based on a need to have one of every kind to complete the whole set! Diversity is great and all, but it is hardly a sound primary basis for a united national character. I assure you that the American people are a fine people, not in need of wholesale replacement. It’s OK to be just the way we are. I’m OK. You’re OK.

4) A Lawless Free-for-All. I am for free markets. I am for free people. I am not for a lawless free-for-all in which ambitious (or merely selfish) citizens get to pick and choose which laws they will obey (or insist that I obey) and which laws they will simply ignore because they want more money. If Tyson Foods thinks it should be able to hire illegal workers so as to keep more of its money, then I think I should be able to just walk out of the store with illegal chickens so as to keep more of my money. What do you bet that Tyson would suddenly be in favor of limits on money-saving behavior if a few million of us committed that little crime -- a crime much smaller than hiring illegal labor by the thousands?
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And Michelle Malkin vents on Gorilla warfare against the open borders WSJ:

Newt: Refuse to bow...

And Michelle hosts The First Annual Open Borders Oscars:

The First Annual Open Borders Oscars

Posted Today

Hot Air's Michelle Malkin takes the stage to hand out the Open Borders Oscars awards.

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