Saturday, May 19, 2007

Barbarians and savages...

These so-called "honor killings" are truly evil. From Associated Content:
IRAQ-- In a town near Mosul, seventeen year old Du'a Khalil Aswad was murdered. Aswad died after being stoned to death when male family members claimed she had shamed the family. The men in her family and hard core religious leaders pulled the teenager out of a house and into the street. With a crowd watching, several men hurled rocks and stones at the unprotected girl for thirty minutes before she finally died. Reports from Iraq indicate security personnel were in the crowd, and failed to make efforts to stop the attack.

A teenage love story ends tragically. Aswad's "honor killing" resulted from a relationship with a Sunni Muslim boy. Her family disapproved of the relationship because of religious differences. The Aswad family belong to the Yezidi, a Kurdish religious organization. It has been reported that the young Miss Aswad had left her family and religion behind, and perhaps converted to Islam. Her boyfriend's whereabouts are unknown as he is currently in hiding, fearing for his life. ...
From AllahPundit:
the victim wasn’t Muslim but Yazidi, an obscure faith whose adherents evidently didn’t look kindly upon her dating a Sunni (or allegedly converting to his religion), and the whole thing was captured on cell phone video as a memento by savages who stood there while she was kicked and stoned to death. Seventeen years old.

Four of the men allegedly responsible, two of whom are family members, were arrested today — but not the cops who were there and who literally looked the other way while it was going on, as you’ll see.
Please, only click this link to CNN or the video below if you have the stomach... serious content warning:

This is horrendous, but it needs to be understood and seen by people in the West who don't understand the larger fight that is currently being waged between good and evil, right and wrong.

Where are the feminists for womens rights? At least the Kurdish women are fighting.

Michelle Malkin has more on honor killings here, and the practice of public stoning here.

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