Friday, May 18, 2007

"I don't care how you try to spin it, this is amnesty."

Senator Jim DeMint homepageJim DeMint on immigration reform:
... First, national security must be our number one priority. This requires improvements in border security and workplace enforcement.

Second, immigration must be a net gain for our country, not a net loss. This requires attracting those with the skills and enterprise, creating a responsible temporary guest worker program, and putting responsible limits on the burdens immigrants place on American taxpayers.

Third, we must not grant amnesty. Illegal immigrants cannot be given legal permanent residency or citizenship without first returning to their home country and getting right with the law.

Fourth, we must strengthen assimilation, which has always been the strength of the America. The traditional American melting pot immigration process is not what it once was. We must again teach immigrants what it truly means to be an American citizen, and that includes speaking our common language. ...

... Our freedom is at stake here, because our way of life is based on the rule of law. Granting amnesty flouts that fundamental American principle and threatens the underpinnings of everything we hold dear.

At the same time, we must remember that there are compassionate ways to address the millions of illegal immigrants living in our country without granting amnesty. We can give people a reasonable amount of time to return to their home countries and get right with the law.

Any immigration reform legislation that does not address these principles is not a serious attempt at reform. Legislation that does not strengthen border security, serve American interests, uphold the rule of law, and improve American assimilation puts politics over principle. It is by these standards that Americans will judge Congress on this issue. And it is upon these principles that the strength of our nation rest.
Read it all here.

Adversaries praise a relentless KennedyHotAir coverage with record comments here.

Details revealed by Jedd Babbin here.

Tom Tancredo: It's "a slap in the face" to working Americans.

Romney is on the right side.

This may seal it for Billary in '08... I'm afraid conservatives are going to stay home again in protest over this.

The dynamic duo of Ted Kennedy & John McCain:

More jokers... Matthews and Chertoff:

Kathryn Jean Lopez discusses the Right Revolt:
... The base, of course, will eventually calm down — a bit. The question is, how much? Was this the last straw? If conservative media is any indication, recovery will be slow. Laura Ingraham began her show Friday announcing “I'm trying not to be demoralized.” But after playing tape of Ted Kennedy “waxing triumphant” Thursday, the mood was reminiscent of the morning after Election Day 2005 all over again. And now you can kiss the Senate goodbye, too, if this bill goes through, she said.

It's going to be a long, hot summer on the Right thanks to la Casa Blanca.
Yes, it will.

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