Monday, May 07, 2007

The conservative answer to carbon credits...

Conservative CreditsFrom Joe Citizen:
Are you feeling liberal today? Have you any inclination to refer to unemployed bums as “the poor”? Are you planning to sell off your gun collection, cheerfully pay your taxes, visit Canada. attend your son’s gay wedding, or (gulp) date a vegetarian?

Right Pundits will hereby grant absolution for your crimes against conservative humanity by issuing you a rare Conservative Credits Certificate.

The Conservative Credits work like this: In the event you have a moment of weakness or suffer from some short term mental defect that causes you to wade into the neurosis of liberalism, you can simply use a Conservative Credit to make amends for your transgression.

To obtain your Conservative Credit, duly confess your sinful liberal transgression in the comments and we will consider absolution for your crime. If we deem you worth saving, a credentialed member of the Right Pundits team will personally take an appropriate action that will offset your liberal offense. The comments of your peers will be given strong consideration.

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