Saturday, February 10, 2007

'For the Left, inequality is the ultimate evil'...

Dennis Prager ArchiveThe topic was the appointment of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court and the time was early last year, but this first paragraph stuck in my memory. Dennis Prager nails it...
To understand any political ideology, one must understand what most animates it. For the Left, it is hatred of inequality. As noted in a previous column, the Left hates inequality even more than it hates evil. Or perhaps more accurately, for the Left, inequality is the ultimate evil.
Here's the original article titled the left hates inequality, not evil...
... [T]he inability to acknowledge the greatest evils, let alone to join in fighting them, is the defining characteristic of the Left. That is why former Vice President Al Gore just announced that global warming was a worse threat to humanity than terrorism. He really believes that. As do the great many people on the Left whose moral passion focuses more on gasoline prices, drug prices, health care prices, and other expressions of material inequality than on people and movements dedicated to murder. That is why Robert Redford and friends from Hollywood can celebrate Fidel Castro. Castro may imprison political opponents, and most Cubans may have no right of dissent, but they are economically equal.
Bang on.

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