Saturday, February 10, 2007

Random weekend thoughts...

Caption This!
  • Funny pictures are worth a thousand funny words. (now to the more serious stuff)

  • The War on Terror in Iraq is imminently win-able, and the primary obstacle to winning would be our own lack of resolve. We must not surrender.

  • A core challenge in the liberal vs. conservative debate is that it's essentially an emotional, short-term-based, feeling-oriented (liberal) argument vs. a logical, reason-based, consequence-focused (conservative) one. (A good example here)

  • Women and men are not created equal. Same-sex couples/parents should not be endorsed by society as equivalent to married men and women.

  • The Left wants Socialism, with an equal lower-class status for all. Understand that.

  • Conservatism needs leadership from strategic visionaries. Newt Gingrich is that. It also needs leadership from operational tacticians. Rudy Guiliani may be that guy.

  • It's not flip-flopping if you don't have a history of belief changes for political expediency.

  • The Republican Party is circling the drain. If internal, reform-oriented leadership can't pull it out, conservatives will need to find a new home before Hillary seeks a second term in 2012.


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