Thursday, January 18, 2007

Conservative Glenn Beck Continues to Infultrate the Liberal MSM...

Why is Glenn Beck back on Good Morning America?...and they're not happy about it.

I get it... no one is allowed to believe in anything for fear of offending, so the proper thing to do is to not believe in... anything?

From Glenn:
As some of have heard me mention by now, I’ve been asked by Good Morning America to be a contributor. If this is the first time you’re hearing this, let me give you a moment to let it sink in (I still have trouble believing it). Go ahead—I’ll wait…

(elapsed time: 2 Twix Bars, 1 Twizzler)

Okay—has it sunk in? Good. I can imagine that now one of three things must be going through your mind:

1) Wow--it’s finally happened. He’s lost it and has started hallucinating.

2) There must be another show called Good Morning America--he can’t possibly mean the award-winning program hosted by Diane Sawyer.

3) Can it be true?

For those of you who guessed answer 3, you’re right! (For those who picked number 1, you get partial credit.) Being asked by Diane Sawyer to join the team meant a great deal, but the reason she did so has as much to do with all of you as with me. The work that I do--the radio show…the TV…the tours—I only get to do that stuff because of you. You’ve kept the show going all these years—some of you have been with me since the Tampa days, and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. All the ideas and issues that we talk about on a daily basis (well, most of them anyway) are sneaking into the mainstream—this GMA invitation is proof of that. I just say what’s on my mind about everything from what’s on television to who’s in the White House. Sometimes you agree and sometimes you don’t (and you’re never shy about telling me just how wrong you think I am). Mostly though, we talk and we listen to each other.
NewsBusters has a long catalog on Diane Sawyer's liberalism as well as GMA in general. It's great to see Glenn breaking through!

Glenn's A Brief History of Christmas courtesy of age234. Funny, and yet not so funny:

Merry Freakin' Winter!

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