Sunday, January 14, 2007

Unity, forgiveness, mercy, and constant appeasement are to be more highly favored than righteousness, holiness, faithfulness, and obedience...

Kevin McCullough is absolutely right with Why the 'Christian Left' is not:
All three men shun the thought of biblically based Christians from standing firm against the creeping peril of evil in our culture. "Be more tolerant," they would advise. "Reach out with love and understanding, not judgment and division."

The 'Christian Left' is rife with such belief.

Unity, forgiveness, mercy, and constant appeasement are to be more highly favored than righteousness, holiness, faithfulness, and obedience.

In doing so the 'Christian Left' also claims to align itself with liberal ideas for the cause of helping the poor, the oppressed, and the downtrodden. When I asked Dr. Campolo for an example he actually cited, "a woman's right... to vote." What is this 1920?

If Wallis, Warren, and/or Campolo are reading this now, please hear this. There is a divide between liberals and conservatives over the relief of poverty, the easing of suffering, and setting the enslaved free. The divide is not the substance however, but rather the methods.

The American political left believe that only Americans should have the right to live in freedom, thus their hesitation and belligerence in advancing freedom in other corners of the globe. But is not freedom a gift from God, for his creation? The American political left is not concerned with the freedom and liberation of the unborn child - but they will speak at length about the evil of slavery that ended in the 1800's. It was not leftists that marched for full civil rights in the 1960's and it was not democrats who granted full civil rights in the 1870's.

Wallis and company will argue for the relief of poverty but give political support to liberals in America who seek to keep the poor impoverished, and dependent upon government for the well being of their family, and future. Conservatives are the ones who wish to see taxes reduced, so that government revenues increase, safety net programs insured - and fewer people needing them in the first place.

And who was it that brought relief in record supply to Tsunami and Katrina victims - not the leftist Academics, spoiled Hollywood starlets, or the National Organization for Women.

It was the bible-believing, faith practicing, church going religious right.

For biblical Christians to associate themselves in any way with the progressive leftists in America today is to associate oil with water.

So take your pick, choose to be a faithful, biblically centered Christian, or a godless, amoral leftist - but the two do not go together.

Not if you're sincere...

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