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What media bias? - A roundup...

USA Today Pronounces Iraq War Not 'Right' Vote
In another grand example of "journalistic" integrity, USA Today has declared the Iraq war a total failure even as we are still in the middle of it all. With that "truth" reported, I'd like to have their crystal ball to get the next lottery numbers, too.

What photo should we run today?What photo should we run today?
Roughly one in six or seven of my e-mails over the last 12 hours has included an attachment of the famous "Stuck in Irak" banner response to John Kerry. Hugh Hewitt notes MSM newspapers where you can't find the photo and wants to know if it ran in your local paper.

Hume Marvels at How Papers Buried Kerry Story, Cites ABC Quote Highlighted by NB
“The John Kerry flap may have been the major political story yesterday, and even today,” Brit Hume accurately noted in his Wednesday “Grapevine” segment since, indeed, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts led with it both Tuesday and Wednesday night. But he observed, “you might not have known that from the newspaper coverage. Not a single front-page headline in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal or USA Today.

Nothing You See in Drive-By Media Makes Sense
Not only are they talking about Republicans losing, they're now starting to talk about how this country loves the Democrats. I'm sorry, folks, but I don't believe it and I don't see it. The Democrats haven't done anything to earn this victory. The Republicans may have done things to deserve losing, but I even tried to explain that away. It's tough for conservatives in the House to be conservative when their president isn't as conservative as they are, issue by issue by issue. For example, you who hold the immigration issue as your first and foremost important issue, you realize if the Democrats win the House we're going to get an amnesty program. It will happen. They will vote for it. It's the Republicans in the House who have provided the only reason that we don't have amnesty now. They stood up to the Senate bill. I've always assumed, at least people in this audience, are bright enough, informed enough to figure all this out and not be swayed by the daily onslaught of Drive-By Media. That's why I watch this stuff, and so much of it just didn't click with me intellectually, none of it makes sense. The portrayal of Republican voters doesn't make sense in terms of the way I understand Republican voters and conservatives. And that, frankly, is what has me scratching my head and I'm sure a lot of you, too, as our last two callers have expressed it.

Media’s ‘Botched Joke’ Double-Standard: Remember Trent Lott?Media’s ‘Botched Joke’ Double-Standard: Remember Trent Lott?
The firestorm ignited on Tuesday concerning Sen. John Kerry’s insensitive remarks in front of a group of students in Pasadena, California, once again demonstrates the media’s double-standard regarding jokes made by politicians: if you’re a Democrat, the press get it; if you’re a Republican, fuggetaboutit!

Barack Obama Only "Sounds Like" a Liberal? Sen. Obama gets the Hillary Clinton centering treatment.
"Senator Barack Obama of Illinois has become the prize catch of the midterm campaign. More sought after than virtually every other Democrat, Mr. Obama was fully booked, long ago, on a schedule to take him across a large swath of the country to help his party try to win control of Congress."

Kornblut, like most of the press, slides by Obama's liberal views in favor of forwarding his self-styled pose as a moderate.

Suddenly, the New York Times is worried about dangerous disclosures
The NYTimes blabbermouths are accusing the Bush administration of being careless with national security data?

Ouch. Stop. Sides. Splitting.

... Just another rich and ripe example of how the Times' problem is, you know, that it's too "evenhanded."

Liberal bias in media is no secret, but now it’s proven
To watch the nightly network news, you might think that (a) America is everything that’s wrong with the world, (b) Barack Obama’s emergence on the national scene is like the Second Coming of Christ, (c) the country has turned en masse against the Republican Party in numbers not seen since Watergate, and (d) Kevin Federline may actually have a promising rap career.

ABC News Agrees With Kerry- Troops Are DumbABC News Agrees With Kerry- Troops Are Dumb
Notice how ABC agrees that Kerry's slam on the military was just "a joke"?
And, how could ABC possibly question that our troops are stupid as Kerry "jokes" when the facts show that Kerry is not just insulting but wrong.

Media 'In The Tank' For Liberals
Do journalists have an agenda this election season? It sure looks that way. A study released Tuesday by a media watchdog group concludes that news coverage on network TV skews heavily toward Democrats.

The study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs confirms what we've been saying for a long time: The media's liberal beliefs get in the way of honest reporting of elections and other key elements of our democracy, like the economy.

Why It's Pointless for Me [Rush] To Go on CNN
RUSH: CNN, they're doing their bit tonight with the Michael J. Fox flap. And they're running promos every ten minutes. Every ten minutes. You know if I didn't know better I think I'd become a movie star. I'd think I'm Tom Cruise, they're talking about me so damn much -- and, of course, the promo includes this video of me that totally misinterprets, they misinterpret, purposely, what I did and said about Michael J. Fox in that ad, and I want to say again: We have sent transcripts to CNN. We have talked to them personally. We've explained all that and what it was, and it doesn't matter. You know, many of you, and I understand this, many of you have written me, "Why don't you go on television? Why don't you answer some of this? Why don't you go out beyond your audience?"

Folks, believe me. I'm one person who can't do this. They've all asked. There is a line a mile long of television shows asking me to do this. But, for crying out loud, if even after talking to us and getting transcripts they insist on getting it wrong, what's the point of taping an interview that they could then edit or what's the point of going on live when they have no interest in getting it right in the first place, and who knows what they'll run after I finish? I am not going to give them ammo, and I'm not going to go out and build up their ratings simply by showing up and allowing them to promote it all over the place.

November surprise! NYT plans page-one Iraq WMD splash for tomorrow
Well, on the bright side, at least they’re not making a pretense of being impartial anymore.

Only two possibilities here:
1. They have evidence that someone in the administration knew there were no WMDs.
2. They have evidence that Saddam was further along in his nuke program than we thought.

The election’s in five days so I think we can safely rule out number two.

Watch Fox News... fair and balanced.


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