Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Late 20th-century global warming cannot be detected in global sea level data...

Two Hundred Years of Global Sea Level DataCapitalism is under attack by the global warming alarmists on the left... the Democrats. They cannot be trusted to lead our country.

CO2 Science has the story and concludes:
... Clearly, either something is drastically wrong with climate-alarmist theory, or something is drastically wrong with the pertinent real-world data. Although many people choose to believe the theory over the data - or they promote the theory in spite of believing the data (or they simply ignore the data) for philosophical or political reasons - we find it much more compelling - and satisfying - to both believe the data and act in harmony with that belief.

So we ask you what we ask ourselves almost every day: what do you believe? ... why do you believe it? ... and how do you act in light of that belief?
It depends on what your definition of "data" is!

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