Friday, October 13, 2006

An October Surprise...

Survey Says

They're trying to demoralize the conservative base... don't let them.

Vote against Democrats
... they're dangerous, cut-throat Socialists who will absolutely screw this country into the ground.

NY Sun:
a Democratic takeover would embolden the forces who have been thirsty for power since their last sip of it in 1994. The Democrats have a pent-up demand for progressive programs, to be sure, but they also have a pent-up demand for revenge, which in politics is not usually a feast for the gods. That could ensure two more years of ever more bitter bickering between the parties as the Republicans, who took out their anger at 40 years of exclusion in the Democratic years, once again become the victims. Turnabout is fair play, but it is not necessarily productive play. ...

... All of this is to say two things. The first is that although the Democrats are in a commanding position, the election isn't over yet. The second is that the crisis on Capitol Hill — the utter inability of members of the legislative branch to behave like adults, or to govern — isn't a Republican problem or a Democratic problem but a congressional problem. The election may change things, but it is up to Congress to change itself, and until it does, it won't be a force for much in the country, except maybe ridicule.
Don't use your vote to teach a lesson to Republicans. The lesson has been heard... and our children will pay the price for our impatience.

Update: Bias? What media bias?


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