Wednesday, October 11, 2006

'Gleeful predictions of GOP disaster demonstrate an ignorant misunderstanding of the Republican coalition'...

Medved homepageMichael Medved says "Economic and religious conservatives are united - not divided by core values":
...Regardless of differences in nuance and rhetoric, the dollar and devotional wings of the Republican Party will continue to enjoy a natural, logical, obvious congruence in political philosophy as well as practical approaches. Above all, the increasingly stridency and uncompromising militancy of the American Left helps push non-liberals of every stripe toward common ground – as does the obvious contempt with which leftist commentators like Krugman view all branches of conservative thought. Family values conservatives include tens of millions of Catholics, Mormons, Jews, and even the religiously unaffiliated, and can’t be rightly classified as “preachers.” Nor do libertarian-minded main street strivers, the independent small business people and entrepreneurs (who now far outnumber the members of organized labor in this country), deserve classification as “plutocrats.”

In this difficult electoral environment, with the mainstream media shamelessly exploiting the shameful behavior of Mark Foley, it’s of course possible (but by no means certain) that the Republicans will lose one or both houses of Congress in November. But the conservative coalition that has achieved such spectacular success in the past will manage to hold together for the long term, based on shared strong family/small government values, and no doubt will enjoy fresh victories in the future.

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