Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It depends on what your definition of 'memorial' is... (updated) (ridiculous update!)

(Bumped from 9-26 due to outrageous video update)

Posted on Drudge this morning... "Outrage Over Anti-U.S. Inscriptions On AZ Sept. 11 Monument..."

Jason at Texas Rainmaker has it covered...

Another 9/11 Tribute to Terrorists

This jumped out of the article that Drudge linked:
She said all the inscriptions were found factual by an Arizona State University history professor.
Thank God the professors are involved.

Update: AllahPundit has video from FoxNews... and maybe pics soon.

Vent with MM 9-26-06Update #2: Michelle has the commentary, links and disgraceful details, Allah has the photo series.

It's not surprising, really. A lot of people really think/feel that somehow we are the problem. The self-loathing (great MKH link!) is everywhere in the media, and many people are all-too ready to eat it up.

Update #3: Unbelievable! Wake up people.


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