Monday, October 09, 2006

The deep well of hate at Columbia University: A video trifecta...

Todays Vent with Michelle Malkin - Campus Gone Wild:

HotAir - Campus Gone Wild

"Coddled multi-cultural radicals"... expell them:

HotAir - Video: Michelle on the Columbia Minutemen debacle

Michelle is on the money as usual.

Kirstin Powers - apparent LINO (liberal in name only) - on the Columbia loons: "they seem very elitist to me"... right on!

Unremorseful Columbia protestor: "I don't think it's proper to kill immigrants."

Crazy talk!

Watch John Kasich on Heartland deal with this elitist liberal student...

Heartland - Columbia Chaos

Kasich: "Be careful what you do in school"...


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