Friday, September 08, 2006

Your grandchild: 'what did you do in the great World War III to defeat Islamist fascism?'

Cox & Forkum linkWhat will you say?
... Iran and its minions want America and all non-Muslims dead. They are our mortal enemies. We must defeat them and al Qaeda totally. This reality must be our core cultural mission for the foreseeable future. To this end, the current Democratic Party of Michael Moore, George Soros and Howard Dean can never be allowed to dictate national security. Therefore, the Democrats cannot gain control of Congress this November – no matter how angry we may be with Republicans regarding other issues. Furthermore, those in the so-called mainstream media who consistently malign the American war effort must be shunned.

This is the legacy of September 11th, 2001. So, let us remember and act. Otherwise America and humanity will be condemned to Islamist genocide, torture and tyranny. Twenty years from now we must be able to say to our grandchildren that we understood the danger that Islamist fascism posed and acted with resolve to defeat its legions and protect them and humanity from oblivion.
These are the good old days.

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