Wednesday, September 06, 2006

National Democrats are growing progressively pessimistic that they will make serious gains in the November elections...

The Prowler covers the Fading Democratic Drumbeat:
"More important, in most primaries, is that ten to 15 percent of undecided voters have already vented about Iraq," says another Democrat consultant. "The problem is, those voters wanted to express their dissatisfaction with Iraq, but they also want a solution. Pulling out isn't the solution many of them want. They aren't going to be voting for an anti-war candidate. I think my party has overshot its position."

The showing of Republican Michael Steele, as well as others, such as Mike McGavick in Washington, and Tom Kean, Jr. in New Jersey, along with stabilized numbers for Sen. Rick Santorum, have Democrats in the Senate scrambling to find some good news to pass along to their donors.
Speaker Pelosi spoke too soon?


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