Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Islam in the news...

John Hawkins tells Moderate Muslims: Speak Up or Get Lumped In with Islamo-Fascists:
... Among Americans, there is a growing and hardening suspicion that moderate Muslims are really nothing but "moderate" Muslims who talk about peace while they tacitly support terrorism. There's a simple way for Muslims to change that perception. All they need to do is regularly condemn terrorism, condemn Sharia, condemn Hamas, condemn Hezbollah, and condemn Al-Qaeda. Maybe it's unfair that Muslims should be asked to do that and unfair that what extremists are doing should reflect badly upon Muslims who don't share their beliefs. However, fair or unfair, more moderate Muslims need to speak out, loudly, about their disagreements with the Islamo-Fascists or regrettably, the number of people in the United States and across the world that are hostile to Islam is only going to continue to increase.
Convert or die.

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