Sunday, September 10, 2006

Al Qaeda commemorates 9/11... (Updated)

Listen to bin Laden: (Nice job AP)

Al Qaeda commemorates 9/11

He's not kidding.

Tremendous commentary here at HotAir.

Update: Robert Spencer from JihadWatch has the honor of hosting today's Vent:

HotAir's Vent, with Robert Spencer

Understanding our enemy is not political, unless you're blinded by BDS. We must persevere.

Link to more jumpers at WuzzaDemUpdate #2: Bryan from HotAir ponders us, "Five Years On":
Five years on, the most striking change I see having taken place is the stridence and apparent insanity of war critics. ...

Five years on, a psychosis has gripped millions who can’t and won’t fathom the true nature of the war we are in. ...

Five years on, the illness of replacing an implacable, indeed alien enemy with one from our own civilizational family has spread and metastasized through the majority of one of our two political parties, and may yet claim a majority of the country itself. ...

Five years on, the mistakes are starting to pile up. For a rising dictator, President Bush did precious little to mobilize the masses who once gave him more than 90% approval ratings. ...

Five years on, the Democrats have become a party of repulsive clowns who pretend the entire decade of the 1990s never happened. Or their psychosis includes a great deal of convenient amnesia. ... Whatever their motivations, roughly half the country and counting refuses to understand the war and its causes. ...

Five years on, the West is tired of a war that the jihadis promise is only beginning.

Five years on we seem to be seeing the enemy’s fight to break out of the box that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq had put him in. ...

So five years on here we are, battle weary and divided across the West and with too many millions of us not even believing that there is a threat that thinks and acts independently of anything we understand as a reasonable motive. ...
Well done.

Update #3: Bryan continues as the left proves him right in take #2.

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