Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Reuters 'Picture Kill' is a watershed moment...

Today's Vent:

We'll see. My guess is back to business as usual.

LGF has been all over this. Are you surprised that Reuters has an agenda? Don't be.

Truth is the first casualty of war, and this one is no exception.

Woman loses home...twiceFor events like Qana, the deaths are tragic but the staging of the scenes is gratuitous...and incredibly effective with the eager MSM.

Hezbollywood? Almost as good as Pallywood.

More from NewsBusters... here.

Here's a funny one... A WaPo reporter on CNN's "Reliable Sources" says Israel is intentionally not destroying all of Hezbollah’s rockets so that some can continue to rain down on Israel killing innocent civilians. Israel wants more of its people to die to justify further attacks on Hezbollah? Sheesh.

Are Media Assisting The Exaggeration of Casualties in Lebanon? Feels silly to even ask.

If you can't get the story, just make it up I guess... or just take what you're given.

Alan Colmes is certainly not right.

Iran says to defend Hezbollah... Ann Curry implies that they're "saviors" and wonders what Hezbollah wants...

Oliver North knows.

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