Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Jihad Roundup for those that still don't get it...

Cox & Forkum: Changement de RythmeWhat They Want by Oliver North:
... Regardless of origin -- Sunni or Shia -- "they" share critical common ground. They all despise Judeo-Christian values, institutions and individuals and are committed to "ridding" Islamic lands of Western "occupation." They are all "non-state" entities -- claiming independence of any government -- but rely on support from radical Islamic entities awash in petro-dollars. All carry out attacks with ruthless brutality without regard for their victims. All regard Israel and America as abominations, share the aim of "liberating" Jerusalem and envision a caliphate that extends from Casablanca in the west to Indonesia in the east. This is "what they want." ...

All Things BeautifulAn Unappeasable Global Jihad by David Limbaugh:
We are fighting a global war against international terrorists because the terrorists are engaged in a global jihad against infidels. The scariest thing about it is that a good many people in this country believe we actually have the luxury of opting out. ...

... The uncomplicated answer is that no matter what we do, policy-wise, we will remain infidels with gigantic bull's-eyes on our backs unless we renounce our capitalistic ways, destroy our churches and synagogues, outlaw our pluralistic religious society, convert to a radical Islamic theocracy and join the global jihad en route to a worldwide caliphate.

We are in this war for the long haul whether we like it or not. The only question is whether we intend to fight it or roll over in shameful appeasement until we are in a much weaker position to fight at such time as even the appeasers realize we have no other choice.

Sacred Cow BurgersLiberal Jihad by Bill O'Reilly:
... Thus, no matter what the president does now, and no matter how much danger nations like Iran present to the world, the liberal dailies are not going to play it strong. The big story is, and will remain, that Bush is an idiot.

That kind of narrow media groupthink is dangerous. Granting Hezbollah moral equivalency with Israel, putting forth that America is a nation of human rights violators, and labeling Iraq a failure before all the dust has settled -- all these things absolutely make life easier for the jihadists.

That may not be the intention of the left-wing press, but that very well may be the result of their own jihad.


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