Sunday, August 06, 2006

Comments now working...

Sorry for the empty publishing over the last week. I've been struggling with Haloscan comments not showing up properly. Seems to be fixed now.

Yard work today for me. Allah has a good Sunday roundup here that's worth a visit.

Quick quote:

"It challenges the imagination to wonder productively what will be the political declamations at the Democratic convention in 2008 if the Democrats are to be the party that kicked out sitting Sen. Joe Lieberman six years after he was named their vice presidential candidate, notwithstanding that 90 percent of his Senate votes have been with his party, opposing President Bush."

— William F. Buckley

Speaking of Joementum going in the wrong direction, does a Lamont win over Joe bode well for Gore in '08? James Joyner commentary... here.


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