Monday, August 21, 2006

Guaging the Radical Islamic Threat & Our Interior Culture War

Disproportionate Response IIWhy We Fight
... For America, we are at present fighting two separate wars. One of them is taking place at and beyond our borders. It is composed of spying on terror funds, stopping (some would say 'failing to stop') terrorists from crossing our northern and southern borders. It involves attacking them preemptively where they live and are carrying out plans to attack us from caves and spider holes in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and in multiple places across the Middle East and Southeast Asia that we have never been told about. This war requires vigilance of each American at all times, in ever public place. It even requires us to take our shoes off, get wanded several times over, and sometimes even cause us to miss our flight. It has taken the lives of honorable men and women, who have felt the call of history, who for these years have protected our security, and yet served without complaint.

For people of common sense there is a second war that we are engaged in and like the first it was not a war that we started - but like unto the first it is one that we must fight, and more importantly one that we must win. It is a near daily assault on our sensibilities as people. It is an all out blitz-kreig on our families, faith, and value system. It is requiring that our 1st and 2nd graders identify their sexual organs and feelings to strangers who parade about as public educators. It mandates that we sacrifice our under-age daughters' wombs to the butchers of Planned Parenthood. It outlaws the ability of parents to teach their children the lessons of right from wrong as my parents did with me via a firm swat on my overly plump backside. And it is attempting to brainwash our youngest with the cursed idea - that men and women are not equal - but rather the same. It is an agenda that seeks to keep mankind from being treated equally regardless of the color of his skin - unless it can be manipulated to benefit a political party. ...
Kevin McCullough is selling his book, but I agree with a lot in his message.

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