Friday, August 18, 2006

Denying the aggression of Radical Islam...

Many Muslims have common sense, and Muslims are certainly not all bad people... but Islam is a dangerous religion. It's not different, but equal. It's wrong.

There's tons I don't know about the history... and it's certainly been a tumultuous one. It seems to me that it would be almost certain, however, that even if the borders were redrawn to some arbitrary time/place that it's neighbors were satisfied with, the over-under in Vegas on how long it would take for Israel's borders to be challenged would be around 6-8 months.

Protest WarriorEnding Israel's Occupation of Palestine Ends Terrorism by Mohamed Khodr
Why do Muslims hate us? Despite the illogical monolithism of "they" and "us"; Muslims ONLY hate our foreign policy that blindly supports Israel. ...

... Americans have only heard the one sided Israeli historical narrative that is emotionally moving, beginning with the Holocaust, movies (Exodus, the Swords of the Desert), and the powerful public relations and media onslaught that protects Israel at every turn, right or wrong, portraying it’s "defensive" attacks to protect its survival despite its fourth most powerful army, with nuclear weapons, worldwide.

If our media portrayal of the Israeli Palestinian conflict was truly balanced, both peoples would enjoy independence and peace today. ...
Israel wouldn't needs it's "fourth most powerful army" if it didn't have neighbors that wanted to exterminate it. Has Israel always been right? Of course not, there is no such thing as "always right", but what should it tell us if Israel has 1,000,000 Muslim residents yet Jewish residents are barely tolerated - if at all - by their adversarial neighbors? Hezbollah and Hamas state in their charters that Israel is to be eliminated for Christ's sake.

Here's another one from Al-Ahram in Cairo written by a writer who "has a PhD in political science and Middle East studies from Oxford University" called "Rationality and Israeli violence":
... The Israeli self-image of rationality, self- confidence, restraint, pragmatism, and marshal moral superiority are delusions and myths, constructed to protect the Israeli psyche, manipulated by the state to keep alive the specter of existential terror in the Israeli public and to disguise the state's raison d'être, expansion and ethnic cleansing in Palestine, and maintain the deeply sociologically and institutionally entrenched Israeli military nature, increasingly blurring the lines between a civilian and military state. ...
It's a long piece, and worth reading if you want to get a glimpse into the delirium.

There's no place in the middle here for temporary appeasement or moral relativist nonsense. Step back for the big picture...Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself, and we have an interest in that being the case.

I am baffled by those in this country that are having trouble identifying the good guys. Please comment to discuss.

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