Friday, August 18, 2006

'Crimes against the peace of the world'...

Moral equivalency dooms civilization
... a culture that leaves little baby girls to die in the ditch, while it values and cares for little baby boys, cannot possibly be judged superior to a society that cares for both equally. A culture that denies women education is simply "different" than one that provides educational opportunities for all. A culture whose government is based on graft, corruption, intimidation and violence is no better – or no worse – than one whose government is based on laws that treat all citizens equally and fairly, and which punishes graft and corruption.

And a culture that promises rewards to an individual who straps a vest laden with explosives, nails and ball bearings – then walks into a crowded public space and detonates it – is no better or worse than the culture being attacked. To judge one against the other violates the modern liberal conscience. (If you have any doubts about where this leads, examine the staged photos coming out of Reuters and the Associated Press.)

Yet the modern liberal conscience is capable of judgment: It has judged that the war on terror is unnecessary and those prosecuting it are evil. Why? Because they have violated the liberal conscience. For this reason – violation of the liberal conscience – those defending the West against murderous Islamic assault and violent imposition of an Islamic theocracy must be prosecuted for their "crimes against humanity." Try Rumsfeld for war crimes; bow down five times a day to bin Laden and maybe he won't hate us so much.


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